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Cloud Data Warehousing and Analytics

Learn about Teradata Data Warehousing and Analytics in the Cloud Overview, Products, Benefits, Success Stories, Partners, and Resources.


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3 Options for Teradata Data Warehousing and Analytics in the Cloud


Cloud services offer benefits including subscription pricing, rapid spin-up, and the freedom to focus on business value. Using Teradata Database, Aster Analytics, and Hadoop has never been easier or more flexible.

With Teradata Everywhere, our industry-leading data warehouse and analytic software can be deployed wherever you need it. Consider these powerful cloud options:


The newest generation of our secure managed cloud offering. We set up and manage the software and infrastructure so that you can focus on business outcomes. Subscription services for:

Public Cloud

Provision your own custom configuration by running analytic ecosystems using our software in AWS Marketplace and Azure Marketplace too. Available software:

Private Cloud

Deploy quickly and easily using your own VMware virtualized infrastructure. Available software:

Regardless of deployment option, Teradata in the cloud offers the same data warehouse and analytics software features as are available on-premises. Consume a lot or a little – as you want, when you want.


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Subscription Pricing

Cloud services eliminate the need to purchase expensive infrastructure. Subscription pricing provides greater cost control.

Launch in Minutes, not Months

Traditional on-premises projects can take months to launch. Not so with cloud, which can cut months into minutes.

Enterprise-Ready for Production Workloads

Our cloud options feature the same industry-leading Teradata Database, Aster Analytics, and Hadoop software used in our on-premises systems.

Agility, Flexibility, Security

Cloud technology has advanced to address the sophisticated performance and security needs of enterprise customers.



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Success Stories


Many companies have made Teradata their choice for enterprise analytics in the cloud. Here are a few; click on logos and links to learn more.

meredithticketmastersiemenswhole foods 


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The powerful partner network that Teradata wields for on-premises systems has expanded to include cloud data warehousing and analytics.

Cloud Ecosystem Partners

IntelliCloud Pricing

Flexible, flat-rate subscriptions. No hidden charges, no long-term commitment needed.

IntelliCloud FAQ

Get quick answers to common questions about our secure managed cloud offerings.

IntelliCloud Security

Security and compliance are the most important considerations for Teradata IntelliCloud; read our latest information.

Gartner: Hybrid Cloud

Explore the ramifications of hybrid cloud, understand recurring themes, and walk away with actionable insights.

Cloud Success Stories

Read how two companies cut costs and gained more flexibility using Teradata IntelliCloud.

Let's Talk

Learn how to leverage all your data, from all your data sources and make multiple systems act like one.