Detailed Hands-on Workshops


Immerse yourself in a two-and-a-half-hour hands-on data science virtual workshop and an optional 30 minute post-event focus group chat. Find out how Teradata Vantage™ lets you use your favorite analytic tools, languages, and algorithms to get answers, solve problems, and accelerate outcomes. 

Teradata analytic and data science experts will guide you through advanced analytic techniques on the Vantage analytics platform. You’ll gain hands-on experience following a clear data science process that addresses a real-world use case covering these objectives:

Implementing Machine Learning functions that use open-source client interfaces like Jupyter (Python) that result in predictive models

Creating native applications using Vantage Analyst and AppCenter to deliver interactive visualizations

Understanding Teradata’s native and open-source language support, tool diversity including ecosystem tools, and a wide set of native analytic functions

Gaining a basic understanding of Vantage implementations to address diverse analytic use cases

Workshop Times and Dates

Aug 10,  Aug 24,  Sept 14,  Sept 28,  Oct 5
9:00am PDT / 12:00pm EDT / 6:00pm CEST / (+1 day) 12:00am SGT


The content targets Citizen Data Scientists and Business Analysts as the primary audience. However, any data-driven persona including professional Data Scientists and Data Engineers will benefit from attendance. There’s no required knowledge of any specific programming language or tool for attendance.

Duration Instruction Contents Analytics
30 minutes prior to the start of the event Introduction:
  • Day's expectations, logistics
  • Vantage overview and hands-on use case overview
15 minutes Analyzing and visualizing customer churn using Vantage Analyst and AppCenter Path and Pattern
35 minutes Analyzing and visualizing customer sentiment using Vantage Analyst Sentiment
10 minutes

Industry use cases (Part 1 of 2)

25 minutes Training, scoring, and evaluating an XGBoost predictive model using JupyterLab and Python

Overview of additional modeling techniques
Predictive Modeling
10 minutes Industry use cases (Part 2 of 2)  
10 minutes Creating a Collaborative Filter model using AppCenter Predictive Modeling/Affinity
15 minutes Closing and wrap-up:
  • Survey
  • Next steps
  Optional: 30 minute Q&A  

Technical Requirements

Before joining this interactive event, be sure to review a few items to enhance your experience:

The Vantage Hands-on will be delivered using the following two technologies:

  • For viewing the instructor: Webex Training Center 
  • For hands-on: Your own Vantage environment via Learn-On-Demand Systems 

The following are the general requirements: 


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